“My office is at Yankee Stadium. Yes, dreams do come true.”


Peter Lemke, Contributor

Derek Jeter, the star shortstop who played his entire Major League Baseball career with the New York Yankees, was just recently elected into the Hall of Fame. Drafted out of high school as the 6th pick in the 1992 MLB draft, he went on to play twenty seasons in the league. Since his retirement in 2014, he married Hannah Jeter 2016 and has two daughters.
His career is blanketed by numerous outstanding accomplishments, including accumulating 3000 hits, 14 all-star game appearances, and 5 Gold Gloves. He is also a five-time World Series champion (one-time MVP), a five-time silver slugger award winner, and a two-time Hank Aaron Award winner, among other honors.
Despite all these awards, Jeter preferred to focus on the less glamorous things: his work ethic, character, leadership, and gamesmanship. His great character, along with great gameplay is the perfect formula for a role model baseball player.
To further demonstrate the importance of Jeter’s life off the field, he earned numerous honors that depended on his character rather than his talent. One of those accomplishments was related to his leadership, especially while captain for the Yankees. In 2014, Jeter was named as the 11th best leader in the world by CNN, which meant more to him than most other accomplishments. He was the only active athlete at the time on the list of the fifty greatest leaders in the world. His 11-year stint as captain for the Yankees proved to be a successful decision on behalf of the organization.
His success on and off the field resulted in a 99.7% (396/397) voting percentage among the hall of fame voters, earning a place in the hall of fame forever. Someone else in Jeter’s place might be aggravated at the one voter not penciling Derek Jeter into their hall of fame ballot. Instead, Jeter maturely reacted to the situation by expressing his gratitude to the 396 voters who did etch in his name. He emphasized the fact that to have that many people have faith in you and believe you are worthy of being in the hall of fame is an amazing feeling.
Derek Jeter had an excellent career both in his gameplay and character. Entirely deserving of being elected into the Hall of Fame, Jeter will have his place in history forever. And in case you were wondering, “Yes, dreams do come true.”