Calling All Runners

Jimmy Kosmach, Contributor

I invite all of you Cadets to come out and enjoy the Marmion Academy cross-country team next year! I am not a long-distance runner, and I’m not very fast either. But to join the team, you do not have to be fast or even a runner.

The stereotypical runner is tall, skinny, and fast. This can be true, but it is not always, and these characteristics really don’t matter. Cross-country is about having fun and being with your Marmion brothers.
One day at practice, I realized that I had run 3 miles while running and talking. This was amazing, because before cross-country, I couldn’t even run a mile. Cross-country is a great sport for cross training, self-improvement, keeping in shape, and even staying disciplined. I did not like running long distances, and I didn’t realize there was more to the Marmion cross-country team until I started running with them.
I have to thank Tommy Conroy and Anthony Standish, two of my MENtors, for inviting me to the team. I had a great experience, and I really became faster than I thought. I hope that everyone can have a chance to run on our school’s great cross-country team. It is truly an amazing experience that will make your time at Marmion one hundred percent better.
If you need any more motivation to come out for the team next year, there are two great coaches, and one of them is the one and only Fr. Paul! Fr. Paul adds so much to the team. He is there for you not just as a coach, but also to be a priest. He leads prayer and says Mass before each cross-country meet. Every day at practice he had a smile on his face and welcomed you back to another fun day of practice.
When you join the team next year, be sure to bring some friends with you, and you’ll make new ones as well. I can almost guarantee you will have a great time with your brothers. Now is your time to become a runner.