Seussical the Musical!

It’ll be magical!

Marmion Theater

Marmion Academy is excited to announce its 2018 Spring Musical, Seussical! Fun for the whole family, Seussical is a magical, musical extravaganza featuring all of the favorite Dr. Seuss characters. The Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton the Elephant, who hears a faint noise coming from a speck of dust on a clover. He commits to protect the invisible Whos who live there, including Jojo, an imaginative Who child who is always getting into trouble for thinking too many “thinks.” Horton faces a double challenge: not only must he shield the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, but he must guard an abandoned egg left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping, and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family, and community are challenged and emerge triumphant in this musical journey through the Jungle of Nool to Solla Sollew.

The play is March 23-25, tickets are available now!

Cast and Crew!

Coley Weed                           Horton

Hannah Noel                          Gertrude

Ethan Bello                            Jo-Jo

Louie Auriemma                   The Cat

Abigail Loria                          Sour Kangaroo

Carrie Loria                           Young Kangaro

Marissa Sepulveda                Mayzie

Patrick Glanville                    Mr. Mayor

Maddy Gilmore                      Mrs. Mayor

Andreas Noel                         Wickersham

Antonio Petrucci                   Wickersham

Cameron Merker                   Wickersham

Jared Beltz                             Wickersham

Juan Camarillo                       Wickersham

Abby Homer                          Bird Girl

Ella Radeztsky                       Bird Girl

Jessica Finnerty                     Bird Girl

Liam Hawkins                        General Schmitz/Ensemble

Sasa Eliceche                         Thing 1

Maya Guzniczak                     Thing 2

Greg Hoover                          Judge Yertle/Ensemble

Logan Tallman                      Grinch


Abbie Friedenberg

Anthony Tinerella

Collin Roin

JD Davis

Julia Bancroft

Julia Beltz

Madison Schomer

Olivia Hawkins

Ramiro Martinez

Sean-Paul Lorenz


Cailida Werner- Props

Debbie Allen- Costumes

Emily Paul- Costumes

Erica Paul- Tech Week

Louisa Surtz- Costumes

Maddie Sayasan- Costumes

Sandra Holleran- Costumes