Marmion Redecorated

Kevin Schoeberle, Staff Writer

Sunday night was the bringing back of senior tradition of toilet papering the school to kick off homecoming. It has been two years since we were able to participate in this activity. The toilet papering of the campus has been an annual event at marmion for over 50 years. it is a great night to show your school spirit and hang out with your fellow classmates. The TP is allowed to stay up until mdi-week in which it is then cleaned up by members of the senior class during a a designated activities period.  Seniors came to campus around 8 pm and have pizza and music  as they decorated the school. The night ends around 9:30 pm where senior class members can be proud of their handy work that everyone gets to see when they come to campus early Monday morning.

This year was highlighted by Mr. Dimitri taking time out to demonstrate to the students how it was done from the dean’s perspective. Alan A brought his game by bringing a leaf blower with a paint roller attached to help make the most use of time. Various faculty members that were there to help were lucky enough to have their cars decorated, too.


A Damato