Eucharistic Ministers Commisioned

Charlie Meier 

A couple of weeks ago, we saw 19 Marmion students be commissioned, at our All School Mass,  into the ministry of delivering the Eucharist to parishioners. On Tuesday there was a commissioning where 11 ministers were commissioned in front of the whole school. The other 8 were commissioned on Sunday at the Abbey Mass. Throughout the summer,  these ministers of the Eucharist have been working countless hours filling out paperwork and praying. As a Eucharistic Ministers, they believe that the body of Christ is in the Eucharist. These cadets are in this ministry of delivering the Eucharist to parishioners to help the faith community Marmion. With being commissioned, they now get to deliver Eucharist at their home parishes. The 19 ministers that were commissioned on Tuesday and Sunday will be helping out with All School Masses and daily masses for the rest of the year. “When I became Catholic, I knew the first time I took the Eucharist that it was the body of Christ, and that I wanted to become more involved with the Catholic Church in my faith life,”  shared Charlie Meier. Many that have chosen to go through the process of becoming a minister have similar feelings. To be able to assist others in celebrating the eucharist is an honor that these 19 young men take seriously. Additionally, these  19 Marmion students are always available for prayer and to help you get involved with the ministry.


19 New Eurchristic Ministers

Jackson stelle, Jack Schokora, Alex Paul, Charlie Konen, Justin Harron, Jakob Saunders, Jacob Bottarini, Will donahoe, Charley Reavley, Emiliano Justice, Brian Stratton, Ryan Sperlakis, Leo Verdecchia, Nathan Sowers, Sean Kavanaugh, Luke Sonetz, Ian Ortega, Evan Dant