Travels with Charlie

Charlie Meier

On January 29th 2021, I flew from SAV-MIA-DFW-ORD. One of those flights was on the 777-300 in Flagship First. I flew this route from MIA-DFW. The flight time was 2:30 for this short haul wide body flight. Earlier that day I flew from Savannah, Georgia on an ERJ-175 operated by Envoy. The landing into Miami was smooth and the weather in Miami made it an amazing day to fly! After we landed, we deplaned via Airstairs outside which was super cool, and I can happily cross that off my bucket list!  We then went to the international terminal, where we would board the 777-300 to Dallas-Fort Worth. When walking onboard, I was greeted with a masked smile and an amenity kit which was just a hand wipe and a blanket, which I requested. Boarding was about 30 minutes because I was in one of the eight Flagship First seats and no other passengers were walking by during the boarding process. In no time the boarding door was closed, and we were pushing back on our way to DFW. 


Once we got into the air and above 10,000FT, the Flight Attendants were already preparing for the lunch meal service. For lunch I had the option of a yogurt and cheese box or a turkey and cheese sandwich entree. I selected the Turkey and cheese sandwich entree. For the rest of the flight, I turned my seat into a bed in which I would fall asleep for about an hour. When I woke up, we were about an hour away from Dallas. I decided to walk around the plane as this was my first time on the 777-300. The Flagship Business product was pretty similar to the Flagship First product, just a lot smaller. 


After the walk around, it was time to prepare for landing. The seat was so roomy that there was more than enough space to stow everything without having to put it up in my personal overhead bin. We landed in DFW about 20 minutes early which in my opinion was a little disappointing. We then pulled into the gate and de-planned and went to the next flight which was on the 787-9 in Flagship Business . 


Overall I would say this was one of my favorite flights that I took this summer. The  777-300 was one of the roomier seats I’ve sat in and the flight was amazing for American Airlines. I would say that my overall rating would be a 8/10. The reason I gave it a 8/10 was because of COVID-19 restrictions. There were no pre-flight drinks and a full meal service like in the past. Other than that it was a very good trip! See you in the skies.