Marmion-Rosary’s “The Sound of Music” Review


Aden Morvice, Writer

The hills are alive at Rosary High School, and it is impressive!

This musical, starring both Rosary and Marmion students, is directed by Laura Biancalana and Megan Drahos.  Under their leadership, everyone does their job, from the cast and ensemble to the orchestra, dancers, and production team.  The whole show flows very smoothly, which is a result of everyone working together in harmony.

The story is set in 1938. In the play, a convent of nuns complains about the free-spirited, nun-in-training Maria.  The nuns are a bright spot, having some of the best lines and singing in the whole show.  These nuns are led by the warm Mother Abbess, played by Maddy Gilmore. She takes advantage of all of her stage time.  Because of her lack of discipline, Maria is sent to be a governess to the von Trapp estate.

The real star of the show, quite fittingly, is Maria.  Actress Abbey Loria’s enthusiasm makes you believe that “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” really are a few of her favorite things, not just Maria’s.  Her grace on the stage is intoxicating.  It wouldn’t be surprising if Abbey was on Broadway one day.

The von Trapp family is a delight to behold.  The clear standouts are Emerson Hollarbush and Evie Groth, who are little superstars as Marta and Gretl von Trapp.  Carrie Loria is also very talented as Brigitta von Trapp.

Hannah Noel as the “sixteen going on seventeen” Liesel von Trapp is very enjoyable, especially paired with the underused Cameron Merker who plays Rolf Gruber.

The whole show is tied together by the wonderful orchestra.  The amount of work required to play for two and a half hours straight is very impressive and professional. The stand-out songs include “Maria,” “My Favorite Things,”and “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.”  The whole show is true-to-form, heart-warming, and delightful.